Coconut Oil is my latest obsession…

So welcome to the first OfTheNow post! Glad you could make it here.

Well as I said this is going to be a forum for all my latest obsessions and interests. My latest obsession has been Coconut Oil. Friends had been telling me about how good it is for your skin for a little while now, but I wanted to finish the not too cheap creams I had before I tried it.

Well as of two or three weeks ago I jumped on the Coconut Oil train, and now I’m obsessed. I wanted to go on a more natural skin moisture path after talking to a friend who is a holistic life coach and personal trainer. He told me all the bad things that were in fragrant body butter that I had been using religiously for years. Well, after three weeks using only Coconut Oil on my skin, I can honestly say I have never had softer skin. It’s also really good for your hair and Coconut Oil is said to help with stress relief, I can’t attest to that one yet, but I am game to try, I don’t know anyone who couldn’t use a little help in that department!

It’s also much cheaper than my former favourite body butters.

A jar of organic food grade Coconut Oil is only about $11.00. Not too bad my friends. On the topic of it being food grade, it’s also quite healthy to cook with. All in all, it seems you can’t go wrong with Coconut Oil.


2 responses to “Coconut Oil is my latest obsession…

  1. I’ve been using plain old olive oil as an overnight hair treatment for years. Nothing better than wholesome, simple ingredients, in cuisine as in beauty!

    Great blog Caroline, congrats 🙂

  2. Wonderful site, where did you get the web theme?

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