Typography For Your Heart

© Julie Morel

You know art is successful if it makes you feel something, if you  just kind of look at it and move on to the next piece, it has failed.

If you hate it or love it, it has still evoked some kind of feeling and that makes it work. You want to talk about, you may even want to gush about it.

French graphic designer  Julie Morel‘s latest offering  is a collection of intricate and thought provoking typography based artwork that is inspired by what keeps us as humans going, our organs.

Morel collaborated with Jocelyn Cottencin on Organs, and the duo is more than successful in drawing emotion from onlookers with their  intricate artwork.

The letters of words are interwoven into their background, like that of human flesh, it is hard to see where one letter starts and ends, and that’s where the beauty lies. It’s hard to look at pieces like ” FEEL LIKE MY HEART WAS THROWN IN A BLENDER AND SOMEBODY SWITCHED IT ON,” without feeling some sort of awe or wonderment.

© Julie Morel

Creativity is certainly king Organs. Morel and Cottencin don’t want to just give you something beautiful to look at, they want you to think and feel as your eyes take in their offerings. The words they have chosen are not at random, the duo want to challenge the subconscious of their audience.

Words like “Empty,” “Blank,” “Nothing,” “Alone,” sit on their own, but each letter is somehow connected, just like our organs are all connected one another.

© Julie Morel

The concept behind Organs is certainly not lost on the viewer, neither is the beauty. We will certainly be keeping tabs on these talented ladies.

© Julie Morel


3 responses to “Typography For Your Heart

  1. it’s freaking me out

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  3. Great stuff!!!!! Kinda freaky though 🙂

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