Sunday and Shoes…A Pair Made in Heaven

It’s now the second Sunday in May, and we know we should be out soaking up the sun, but it is C.O.L.D in the lovely city of Toronto. So what do we do now…we swoon over beauty incarnate: Raphael Young’s shoes.

©Raphael Young

There are few things in life that make me happier than beautiful shoes, and Young has me jumping for joy. His shoes are architectural masterpieces with hard geometric lines, jutting angles and heels that are oh-so-high! Delighted I certainly am with his latest offerings for Fall 2010.

Young’s designs stand out from the crowd and are not for the weak at heart, or the Tory Burch ballerina-flat adoring types. These shoes have edge and attitude. Young utilizes metallics, suede, leather, wood, enamel and bold colour with purpose and confidence, which in turn gives ladies an extra swagger in the sex appeal department.

©Raphael Young

Nothing is sexier than a woman who carries herself with strength and confidence and it is hard to be a wallflower in any one of Young’s creations.

The physical heel on Young’s shoes are themselves visual points of interest: some curve in like a dear horn, some angle out, some shoot straight down and the platforms show the where the heal would be within the platform extension.

©Raphael Young

Young is a relative newcomer to the game, he introduced his first line in Spring 2009, but, he has fashion in his blood: his uncle, Alexandre Narcy, was a shoe designer for YSL.  So we say eelcome to the game Mr Raphael Young, we are so happy you are here.

©Raphael Young


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