GasLands a MUST watch Documentary

© GasLand

Have you ever seen anyone turn on their kitchen tap, put a lighter to it and watch the whole thing go up in flames? Sounds ridiculous and insane right? Well it is, but it is also happening in the USA.

GasLand the powerful and absolutely terrifying documentary by Josh Fox that addresses how and why this happening, and it is not good, or the least bit funny.

Have you ever heard of “Fracking?” Probably not, and neither had Josh Fox until he was approached to lease his a his Pennsylvania farmland for natural gas drilling.  He would have made over $100,000. But Fox had some questions, and he did some research…and in turn he discovered a veritable horror show. Oh, and Fracking is a the process of drilling deep down into the bedrock of the land and releasing a clusterf*ck of chemicals to break up the rock and release the natural gas. Oh and Hydraulic fracturing was exempted from the Safe Drinking Water Act in the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

What Fox found and brought to light in GasLand was residents suffering from chronic heath problems, as well as contamination of their air, water wells and the government and gas companies doing nothing to help them. One poor man had his well explode and had natural gas spewing out of it for three days until someone came to stop it. The gas company’s solution was to drive in giant cisterns of clean water for them, but continue to deny there is a problem.

In the film we are witness to streams bubbling and cracking with fumes and chemicals—to the point where one can put a lighter the water of a stream and watch the flame burst into the air. Sounds like water safe enough to drink right? Well the executives of companies like Encana and Halliburton (Dick Cheney’s oil and gas company) say it is, but they also refuse to drink water offered to them from the residents of the Gaslands.

© GasLand

GasLand is powerful in the most terrifying way possible and a film EVERYONE should see, because what is happening in the affected states can happen everywhere and can affect everyone. Think of it this way, they are drilling on farmlands, and the cattle are drinking the tainted water and grazing on the contaminated fields…those cattle are going to end up steaks on your plate, or provide milk for kids to drink…scary isn’t it.


3 responses to “GasLands a MUST watch Documentary

  1. We agree – what they’re doing to our interior waterways is devastating. Please forward information about Gaslands to all of your friends.


  3. Ah, the outrage, the histrionics and the usual tired imagery of the corporate boogeyman. Every reviewer of this documentary seems to be taken by the same scene: The often described disturbing scene of “lighting the tap water on fire” is one of the biggest and most dishonest repeated riffs in the movie as naturally occuring methane in ground water has been a documented fact in Pennsylvania at least as far back as 1937. Indeed, in parts of Pennsyslvania, Maryland and other areas of the Northeast – have many instances of “burning springs” and other similiar ‘flaming water’ phenomena have been known to native Americans and colonists as far back as George Washington’s time. Its just a phenomena that has never been exploited yet for its emotional payoff in quite the way Josh Fox has tried and has never before been blamed on – nor believed to be to be caused by – the gas industry – via drilling or other conventional or new practices like fracking. For fun or perhaps a laugh, take a look at Josh Fox’s reaction on a Youtube-aired speech in Chicago, I believe – when he is confronted with this red-handed distortion publically.

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