The New Drake General Store is Open

Photo by Connie Tsang

Have you ever wanted to cook for caravaners or needed an emergency one once shot? Well Joyce Lo and Carlo Colacci have you covered. The duo is the driving force between the all three of the Drake Hotel General Stores. One beside The Drake Hotel, one in Rosedale and now one at 82A Bathurst St, just south of King.

The store is full of all sorts of goodies that will make the foodie, design lover, and just about anyone else smile with delight. Lo and Colacci have taken the time to scour antique fairs in Boston and suss out vendors in New York to fill the store with a well thought-out mix of vintage and new pieces. Take for instance the vintage cook book “Cooking for Caravaners” or the mini flask key chain.

“It’s one ounce, so it’s your emergency shot,” says Lo with a laugh.

Image from my iPhone

Image from my iPhone

The new general store is also more focused on the Shared t-shirt line Colacci and Lo produce together. Shared also donates part of its proceeds to various charities and collaborates with local artists and musicians on limited edition shirts, and they are pretty cute too.

Lo was wearing one of the latest Shared designs when we went by for the go see. It’s called “Magic Hands”

Image from my iPhone

The store also helps promote local talent and carries lingerie from local Fortnight,  jewelry from Jaime Sin and Biko and many others. You would be hard pressed not to find something you love. From Levi’s to the Momofuku cookbook to the limited edition Harrow Ladies Luncheon Plates you can’t really go wrong.

Image by Connie Tsang

The newest Drake General Store gets an A+ in our books, and it’s not because they gave us a the cutest bag ever with soft t-shirt and yummy chocolate chip cookies, sorry I ate most of them before I took the picture!

Image from my iPhone


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