Power Ball 2010 Where All The Animals Came Out to Play

Bartending panda bears, boys dresses in wrestling uniforms and snow cones filled with tequila and grape flavour were just a few of the sights and treats that awaited guests at the twelfth annual Power Ball held at the Power Plant Gallery last Thursday, June 3, 2010.

Some guests were dressed to the nines, some were in casual jeans and T’s and some were in full costume. There was most certainly plenty of visual stimulation to tantalize the eyes and an open bar to blur them a bit.

Gorgeous actress Amy Lalonde & her equally gorgeous fiance Marc Montemurro

Power Ball 2010, as with the Power Balls of the past, was stacked to the brim full of Toronto’s fashion, entertainment and arts community to support the charity event.

Some of the guests included artist Bruno Billio, fashion designers Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong from Greta Constantine, Jeremy Laing and OfTheNow friend and favourite Rita Liefhebber.

Me in a Rita Liefhebber Spring 2010 skirt and Rita Liefhebber in her Spring 2010 silk shorts

Power Ball 2010 sold out quickly this year, and the numbers were evident from the more than packed house, everywhere you turned there were a million people. Most of them laughing and drinking, or indulging in some sweet treats from the stocked candy store that you had no choice but to walk through.

Photo by Stefania Yarhi of http://torontotextstyles.blogspot.com/

Other visual tantalizers included a performance art room littered with porn, drag queens, musical acts and “sexy wrestling twins”, odd yes, but it goes with the territory.

Photo by Stefania Yarhi of http://torontotextstyles.blogspot.com/

Proceeds from Power Ball support the Power Plant’s world renowned exhibitions and programs, and gives the rest of  us a great reason to get dressed up and celebrate the arts with our friends.


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