The Thompson is Open and the Rooftop is Stunning

The scene at the pool...

Stunning and modelesque cocktail waitresses weaving through the crowd in custom-made-Jeremy Laing dresses, giant mojitos, models lollygagging and floating leisurely in the infinity pool and Toronto’s fantastic (and a few recognizable outsiders) dressed to kill, and all in one place.

Sounds like the scene from an off-the-wall art film, but no, it was June 17, 2010 The Thompson Hotel grand opening soiree in Toronto. And in case you didn’t know, The Thompson Toronto is the hotel group’s first outside the U.S.A.

The night was filled with opulence and indulgence, as one would expect from the much anticipated opening (the opening date had to be pushed a few times, which is generally par for the course). But that’s neither here, nor there, we’re talking about the party.

Early in the night the lobby was already brimming with people, but not so full that we didn’t take in the whimsical Toronto skyline mural by Spanish artist Javier Mariscal.

View from the roof...

The rooftop was definitely where everyone wanted to be, but with over 1,000 guests and a capacity of just under 240 on the rooftop, not everyone could get up. Luckily we were smart enough to get there early and go straight to the roof.

Before we got there we couldn’t help noticing how the lights in the elevator twinkled like stars in the night sky, nice touch Thompson crew, nice touch indeed.

Once on the roof we were greeted by one of the many stunning ladies in Jeremy Laing dresses serving cocktails, wine and of course munchies prepared by Executive Chef Scott Conant.

Model/Cocktail waitress in Jeremy Laing custom dress for The Thompson

We ended up vying for the giant mojitos and made our way around the 360-degree rooftop terrace to take in the view while it was still light out.

Rooftop Mojitos

As the sun went down the evening quickly livened up and with sounds from L.A.’s beautiful DJ Alex Merrell. The rooftop certainly did not disappoint and neither did some of the guests. Many of the expected Canadian celebs were there, such as, Jeanne BekerKelly Rowan, Shenae Grimes, but the most notable for this blog, was also the guest smallest in size.

Pint-sized, 13-year-old  Style Rookie blogger Tavi Gevinson was also in attendance. The funny part was the girl who gets front row seats at coveted fashion shows like Marc Jacobs was barely even looked at on her .

“The paparazzi camera guys didn’t even notice her,” laughed Christopher Sherman, FT Producer and Gevinson’s escort for the night. We noticed her and had a little chat, and have to admit, she is pretty cute.

Style Rookie--Tavi Gevinson


Tavi in Pierre Hardy for GAP avec striped socks!

But those who didn’t make it upstairs were not to be disappointed, there was a plethora of visual stimulation and libations for them in the various places throughout the hotel. One room was playing game 7 of the NBA finals on a massive screen, there was a full blown dance party in lead up by Ellen’s DJ, DJ Tony in the lobby, girls having a pillow fight in a boxing ring (that one was a bit of a questionable choice) and many others.

All in all kudos, where kudos are due to Peter Freed, Tony Cohen, ASC PR and the rest of The Thompson crew, it was a great party on a beautiful night. OfTheNow has been, and will be back again…and again.

With Fashion Photographer Adam Levett and Fade to Black Casting's Lily Pritchard


2 responses to “The Thompson is Open and the Rooftop is Stunning

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  2. Home sweet home Toronto! How were the rooms decorated??

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