Great Shoes, The People Who Wore Them & Where I Saw Them

There have been quite a photo worthy events as of late, and one of my favourite things to take photos of are people’s shoes…So today I have a collection of great shoes from a few places I have been and the people  who wore them…


AtoZane Pop up Shop party at shoe haven Chasse Gardée

Chasse Gardée owner, Daniela Bosco in Ann Demeulemeester

Mystery Lady in Brian Atwood Studded Pumps

Marketing & PR Specialist Sue Kuruvilla in Finsk & AtoZane owner Zane Aburaneh in Multi-Coloured Oxfords

OfTheNow in Katherine Amberleigh & Citizen of Humanity's Marisa Spataro in Cynthia Vincent

Drake General Store-Bathurst Location Wine and Cheese

DJ & Jewelry Designer Jaime Sin in Vintage Kenzo Floral Sneakers

Interior Designer Sabrina Albanese in YSL

Thompson Hotel Opening Party

Mystery Lady in Green & Taupe Satin Heels

Tavi Gevinson in Pierre Hardy for GAPand Striped Socks

Fade To Black Casting's Lily Pritchard in Bottega Veneta, Industrial Designer Maté Szmeredy in Vintage Oxfords & Holt Renrew's Kym De La Roche in Miu Miu

Luminato Closing Party at the Thompson Hotel Rooftop

Hand Bag & Jewelry Designer Jenny Bird in Rupert Sanderson, Mckinsey's Teresa Park-Wallace in Nude Laser Cut Peep-Toes, OfTheNow in Finsk & I Want, I Got's Anita Clarke in Camilla Skovgaard


3 responses to “Great Shoes, The People Who Wore Them & Where I Saw Them

  1. i’m experiencing serious miu miu envy!!!

  2. Where did you buy those Finsk shoes OfTheNow?

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