Protect Me From What I Want….

© Jenny Holzer

“Protect Me From What I Want.” Hmm an interesting and somehow incredibly relevant statement to most everyone living even slightly comfortable in the industrial world. It’s the kind of phrase that should be etched into our bathroom mirrors, so it is the first thing we see every morning, and then again on the fridge door, and the front dor and where we leave our keys… I think you get my point.

How many times have we planned to save up for the future only to find some new garment hanging in our closets, gadgets crowding our cupboards and new gizmos in the garage?

We are nothing if not consumers, and I admit it. I am the first to acknowledge my impulsive shopping habits, I am generally pleased with all of them, but they are not helping me vacation in the South of France or buy a house any faster. But, my dears I am not hear to preach to you, I am actually here to tell you about artist Jenny Holzer and her recent collaboration with Keds sneakers.

Holzer has been creating provocative text based art since 1977 ( and anyone who reads OfTheNow, knows this is one of my favourite obsessions).

© Jenny Holzer Florence 1996

If you visit her site, which you should, prepare yourself to loose hours in her powerful work. Short phrases, some her own, some borrowed  from great authors such as the Polish Nobel laureate Wislawa Szymborska, Henri Cole (USA), Elfriede Jelinek (Austria), Fadhil Al-Azawi (Iraq), Yehuda Amichai (Israel) and Mahmoud Darwish (Palestine) are projected onto historic and beautiful buildings and the like.

But now Holzer is putting her work on a new kind of canvas…the canvas of the original sneaker…Keds. The phrase “Protect Me From What I Want” will adorn the hi and lo-top iconic Champion styles Keds.

© Keds

And the money from the sale of the shoes will go towards the Whitney Museum of American Art . It has been said that your shoes say a lot about you, it could not run more true with Holzer’s original Keds.

These special Keds will be available on line from July 8 to August 31, 2010 at and

© Keds

© Keds


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