Converse is Having Fun with Fabrics This Fall

Classic High Top Chuck Taylors

You can’t mess with Chuck Taylors. You really just can’t. They are classics. Everybody wears them, or has worn them at some point, even my conservative 72-year-old pop! (Sorry I just gave away your age Dad, but you look great at 72).

Every season Converse comes out with great colours, new designs and all sorts of great collaborations for this classsic sneaker, and Fall 2010 is no exception. Collaborations are continuing in the music world, this time they introduce Jimi Hendrix, The Who and Grateful Dead inspired sneaks.

Jimi Hendrix inspired Chuck Taylors

The Who's Union Jack inspired Chuck Taylor

Grateful Dead inspired Chuck Taylor

But the most fun collaboration would have to be that of Converse and Dr. Seuss. Yes you can find little Cindyloohoo and Thing 1 and 2 adorning some pretty cute little shoes. These are mostly made for the little ones in the bunch but there will be a few adult options too.

Dr. Seuss Chuck Taylor

Many times companies get a bit, shall we say lost in updating and collaborating on the classics, and forget why they became classics in the first place. And while there are more than a few new variations to choose from, you can rest assured the classic Chuck is still untouched and left to bask in its much loved perfection.

Fall is offering a line of eye popping colours that are somehow, bright but not over the top. I must say I fell in love with the Gothic Grape, Skydiver Blue and Cranberry, Celtic Green was good too, but I just can’t put in my top three due to a childhood aversion for the Celtics and my loyalty to the Raptors. Enough said.

Chuck Taylors in Gothic Grape, Skydiver Blue, Cranberry

Now back to the shoes, there was quite a bit to fall in love with this season, especially all the fun with fabrics the team at Converse is having. You could dress your family in corduroy and  denim Chucks (and yes that was a David Sedaris reference) suede, nubuck, jersey, leather, flannel, bomber jacket nylon (complete with the traditional orange as a liner), sequence, and beyond. The choices really do appear to be endless, and then of course there are new style Chucks, going from the slim to the slouchy, uber high to mid-cut, canvas boots, leather boots, basically a laundry list of Chuck Taylor options, it will make your head spin…in a good way, we are talking about shoes.

Bomber Jacket Nylon Chuck Taylor with Orange liner

Women's Slouchy Chuck Taylor

But Chucks weren’t they only shoes being served up at the Converse Fall preview, and yes Converse has much more to offer than Chucks, but you already knew that.

The distressed nubuck Jack Purcell boat shoes are super soft and not too bad on the eye, and worthy of note, Converse moved the signature Jack Purcell “smile” from the top of the shoe to the front of the toe. Gents take note of this one, we ladies like it and a guy in good footwear.

Distressed Nubuck Jack Purcell Boat Shoe

And while yes it is hot, hot, hot right now, the fall boots simply cannot be left out. The Converse by John Varvatos Bosey boot is on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of design and pricing (it will retail for about $250 CAD) and it is the first that high end men’s retailer Harry Rosen has picked up. Yep Converse just got a little bouji.

John Varvatos Bosey Boot

Another one to be excited about is the Chuck Taylor Woolrich collaboration on the Storm Boot. It comes in a rich chocolate brown or a black, and can be folded back to reveal the red flannel layer. Yes. This is Good!

Woolrich Storm Boot

Almost makes me excited for Fall and Winter…almost.


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