AMMA: Love is Her Religion and Kelly Cutrone is Her Disciple

Kelly Cutrone and Swami, one of Amma's senior disciples

What you think you know of Kelly Cutrone is probably wrong. What you see of her on MTV is a just a snippet of who she is. And if you think the word “bitch” is her perfect descriptor, sorry you get a fail.

The perfect descriptor for Kelly Cutrone is passionate. She is a compelling person. The way she talks about something she believes in is nothing short of inspiring. But this woman is far from all talk. She puts her words into action and makes thing happen. If you have ever seen her at work on the MTV show “The City” you know she is a force to be reckoned with.

She has accomplished more than most people at 45-years-old and has earned herself quite a bit of media power. But success and power are not without costs.

“In 1991, I was a rock publicist, at the time and I was doing a ton of drugs and I was really skinny and I was really rich and really famous and I wanted to die,” says a candid Cutrone, but something changed for her.

“I had a vision of Amma and I made incredible changes in my life. Basically I shaved my head, sold everything that I owned and read eastern philosophy for two years and lived on a matt and a futon and that’s all I did. And then I started People’s Revolution after that.”

Cutrone is nothing like what you see on MTV when she talks about Amma, she is like an excited teenage gushing about the best new album she has heard. But that is not to trivialize her devotion to Amma’s work, she just gets that excited gleam in her eyes and her words almost can’t keep up with what she wants to tell you. What Cutrone is getting at, is Amma changed her life. Cutrone went to see Amma a few times over the years, and received Darshan from her.

Amma giving the Darshan

Darshan is the gift of embrace, and over 1,000 people in Toronto lined up to receive Darshan from Amma On July 19, 2010.

Amma pulls you close and envelopes you into her arms, chest and fully embraces you with her whole being. She caresses your back, kisses your cheek and holds you for more than just a minute. Human touch is a powerful thing and Amma harnesses that power and passes it on to those that come to her. She has embraced over 30 million people around the world, sometimes in stretches of over 20 hours.

Amma giving Canadian Songstress Sass Jordan Darshan

But before you even get to see Amma, she is small woman, the first thing you notice in the room is the smell. It fills your nostrils and swirls around in your head. The most pleasant and pungent smell of roses is everywhere. You can’t help but smile and breathe deeper, hoping to get more of the smell, it is nothing but delicious. Next you notice the people, there are so many of them, some waiting in line for their moment with Amma, some just sitting and some playing music. The colours are vivid, as is the experience. Your senses will be on overdrive just trying to take it all in. But fear not, you have time.

After an embrace with Amma you are given a blessing and it can be one or any combination of a rose petals, a Hershey’s Kiss, or a bright red crisp apple.

The Blessings of Rose Petals, Hershey Kisses & Apples

If I have given you all of Amma’s work is in her embrace, I am sorry I have mislead you. Her work in disaster relief is paramount. She has built hospitals, universities, colleges, schools, hospices, homes for AIDS patients raised money for disaster relief in Haiti, the Tsunami, and so much more.

“She built a hospital in India that has treated almost a million people for free, regardless of race or ethnicity. She is a huge advocate of the feminine India,” says Cutrone. “She also was one of the first people at the forefront of Katrina in the United States.”

Amma goes where the need is, she saw need in the USA, the superpower and arguably the world’s most developed of countries, yet that is not what she saw. She saw devastation and people in need. So she concentrated her efforts to raise funds and help the people.

The Musicians during the Darshan

Amma works to embrace the world figuratively and literally.

“She goes all around the world leading by example and her big message is, one love. And two is that there are two types of poverty in the world. One is cause by lack of love and the other is a poverty cause by the lack of money,” says Cutrone. And the second one won’t exist if we cure the first. That’s her big thing.”

She is trying to move the species forward.

“Amma in my opinion, is the ultimate power chick,” says Cutrone. “So, all I am doing is using my little bit of power to touch her big world and try to direct some attention over to it.”

With Kelly Cutrone

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