Hello Everyone and Welcome to OfTheNow,

This blog will cover everything from fashion, film, architecture, beauty, travel, culture and all else in between. Here you will be subjected to everything I love and find interesting. OfTheNow is about the things that makes life beautiful and fun. Through these posts I hope to make you smile with glee and sigh with awe at everything I find.

Prepare yourself to be inundated with lots of typography based art and design, it’s one of my most favourite things in the world. My current favourite typographic designer (who actually has been my favourite since I found him) is Craig Ward. The name of his website sums it up perfectly:  Words Are Pictures. If you click his name you will find an article I wrote on him in my former life as Managing Editor of the former CHEEKMagazine.

But that’s another story. So I hope you all enjoy the the little nuggets of happiness I plan to offer you here on OfTheNow. I can guarantee you everything you find here has brought a smile to my face or made my life better somehow, or both.

I am looking forward to our new adventures together.



6 responses to “About

  1. Go Carol. Congratulations on new horizons. I enjoy your writing.

  2. Hey Caroline!

    I just wanted to invite you to come out to The Chosen One’s sale this weekend! 107 Shaw art Gallery, best vintage finds in town I swear. I’ll be there with my collection Bobby McGee Vintage and the presale party is tonight from 6-9, the sale goes all weekend though.

    Hope to see you!
    Cheers and congrats on the Fantastic blog!


  3. Great blog Caroline, keep up the good work!!

  4. really like your blog, keep going on Caroline…:-)

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