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We’ve Moved!!

Hello Lovelies,

I am sure you have been wondering what has happened to OfTheNow, it may have seemed that we have abandoned you, but I assure nothing could be further from the truth! OfTheNow is better than ever before with a new look and new address, yes that’s right we have moved! Please update your readers, RSS feeds and blog rolls to

We are much prettier now too…here’s a little peak at the new home page:


ABC and All the Way Z–Drawers for Typography Fans…

© Kent & London

I found it. Every typography geek’s dream furniture. Well actually I didn’t find it, but a friend sent it to me, because I am one of those said typography geeks.

Kent & London have brought joy to all who swoon at bold typefaces and fantastic fonts with a chest of drawers. The “Alphabet Drawer” unit  was inspired by vintage printing blocks and has 26 drawers of varying sizes, each dedicated, you guessed it, to a letter of the alphabet. It is so simple, that it is nothing short of genius.

© Kent & London

Kent and London make each solid oak piece to order using traditional methods and beautifully finishes. And yes I said solid oak, which makes it rather heavy in terms of weight and prices…the units go for £2700.00, which translates to about $4,200 CAD.

No, it’s not cheap, but this isn’t Ikea kids. This is bespoke furniture, the kind you pass on to future generations. The Alphabet Drawers are what we call “a piece” it is that item in the room you do a double take when you see it, it sparks conversation, starry eyes and big grins, even from non-typography geeks.

© Kent & London

Besides just think of the fun things you would have to think up to put in the “X” drawer…