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We’ve Moved!!

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I am sure you have been wondering what has happened to OfTheNow, it may have seemed that we have abandoned you, but I assure nothing could be further from the truth! OfTheNow is better than ever before with a new look and new address, yes that’s right we have moved! Please update your readers, RSS feeds and blog rolls to

We are much prettier now too…here’s a little peak at the new home page:


Time Marches On Never Ending

Nixon Platform Watch

Time is generally the thing most of us in the modern world always seem short on, well time and money, but unfortunately I have no money tree to tell you about. But, I can tell you how checking your watch can be just that much more enjoyable.

The key is having a watch you like to look at, and Nixon watches are just those watches. The range of styles and shapes is almost to much to wrap your head around, almost, but not quite. If you are looking for something beyond a traditional watch, Nixon should be your first (and most likely last) stop.

Many of us have shied away from watches over the last few years, preferring to use our mobiles or PDAs to get our time updates. But, Nixon watches will make you want to keep your Blackberry or iPhone in your pocket. Even if you can’t get out of the habit of checking the time on your phone, you are going to want a Nixon watch,  if only to showcase it as an accessory.

Watches are getting bigger and bolder, and women in particular, are steering away from the more dainty watches of the past and instead choosing a watch, or two or three that swallow their wrists whole. The nice thing about wearing multiple watches, beyond knowing the time in NYC, Beijing, Calcutta and London, is you don’t have to choose. And with Nixon, choosing just one can be a difficult task, especially because the styles can be so varied. Here is just a sampling:

Nixon Ceramic Player Watch

Nixon Chalet Watch

Nixon Rayna Watch

Nixon Newton Digital Watch

Nixon is not only creative with its designs, but also with its materials, which run from ceramic, steel, leather, polycarbonate, rubber, and even walnut. And with the price point ranging from about $80 to $300 CAD, you can afford to buy a few to wear all at once, or for various occasions.

At yesterday’s preview, I picked up the Time Teller, which comes in 18 different colours and now I can’t stop looking at my wrist.

Nixon Time Teller Watch

The only way I could like this watch more would be if it could stop, slow down and speed up time. For now I will settle with it being pretty and functional.

Are You Ready To Virtual Moonwalk?

© Michael Jackson

Who could forget an entire graveyard of zombies doing a collective dance? Or how your jaw dropped to the floor the first time you saw the King of Pop do the moonwalk? No matter what your opinion is of Michael Jackson, there is no denying his influence in the music world, or the world of dance.

I can still remember how giddy I was when I saw him light up the sidewalk in the video for Billy Jean. He was a visionary, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

We all wanted to dance like MJ, we wanted to glide across the floor, scream “Ho! Who’s Bad?” and summon our virtual whips. Well Ubisoft has just announced that it is introducing a video game, to be unveiled November 2011, (to coincide with a new MJ album)  that will allow us to do just that. The game has not been named just yet, but if your goal is to dance like MJ, this is the game for you.

© Michael Jackson

And as an added bonus/method of torture to you and those around you, you also get to test out your vocal skills. It’s a family friendly game, but I have a lingering feeling this game will be come out when some cocktails are had!

The unnamed game will be one of the first of its kind to use motion detection technology to ‘rate’ how players dance like MJ.

“No artist can energize a dance floor in the spirit of fun like Michael Jackson. His God-given gifts for music and dance are something new generations of fans will appreciate even more. This game is a natural extension of what he would be doing today to raise his artistry to even greater heights for his fans of all generations. It is a game that the entire family can experience and enjoy together and this is something that would please Michael tremendously,” noted Michael Jackson Estate Co-Executor John McClain.

**The game will be available for “Project Natal” for Xbox 360, PlayStation3 with PlayStation Move support, PlayStation Portbale, Nintendo’s Wii system and Nintendo DS.

Industrial Design Made Fun aka The Dutch Way

© Oooms Design

Ceramic dildos decorated with Dutch blue milkmaids, 14-carat gold staples and a carpet made to look like the scene of a spattered fox are only a few of the pieces that make up the Oooms design portfolio.

Not exactly everyday necessities, but they are definitely conversation starters.

“We just like to make you smile while you use our products, that’s all,” says Guido Ooms, co-founder of Oooms design. He and partner Karin van Lieshout, don’t take themselves too seriously, they like to have fun with their work and push the boundaries. But that doesn’t mean they don’t work hard, they just like what they do.

When van Lieshout was in school she was fascinated by how something awful could attract and keep attention. This odd behaviour inspired her to create the Road Kill carpet. It is in effect an ode to rubber-necking…or as the website description states “A continuous struggle between attraction and repulsion. It’s a warm, soft, cuddly carpet that attracts you to take a nap on it. But at the same time it’s a repulsive image of a car-flattened, bloody fox.”

© Oooms Design

Obviously all Oooms designs aren’t for the faint of heart, but for those looking to add a little fun to their abodes, Oooms might be just what you are looking for.  The designs all have a playful, but smart side to them.

If cocktail parties and entertaining friends reign high on your list of priorities then Oooms most definitely has a few products for you. The Glassbulb Light is a fixture made out of numerous wine glass shaped bulbs that give off a soft soothing glow, making it perfect for an intimate dinner for two, or dinner party among friends. The LED lights will last for 30,000 hours or 10 years, yes we call that bang for the buck.

© Oooms Design

The Puzzleboard is another example of smart and fun design for entertaining. It’s made up of different pieces that fit together to make one long cutting board, but if you separate the pieces they become handy little serving plates for your guests, with a secure spot to hold a wine glass. Genius.

© Oooms Design

Another top selling piece for the design duo has been their Wooden USB stick. Basically it’s a USB shoved into a piece of tree branch. The nature versus technology debate is at its best here. This unusual little piece is great for corporate give aways…just ask Adidas.

© Oooms Design

“I am a computer geek, so I love to fiddle around on mine,” says Ooms. “On the other hand, I love working with my hands and getting really dirty in the workshop.”

The workshop is in a former Philips building, which houses variety of artists, painters, web designers and ceramists, designers and musicians.

“This affects us in a positive way,” states Ooms. “Some of the other people in the building work for us, or we for them, so it really is a vibrant place.”

The creative energy of their environment is a driving factor in duo’s quirky work and it’s not hard to see why they have garnered top clients like Paul Smith, Adidas, Hugo Boss and the MoMA, to name but a few.

They have had some unusual…but fun collaborations as well. Last year Oooms Design was contacted by TotalJoy to design a series of vibrators for the company.

© Oooms Design

“It was very interesting to dive into the world of porn and ugly rubber dicks!” says Ooms with a laugh. “It was a lovely time and I think we succeeded in our goal of make them more ‘cute.’”

So after succeeding in the vibrator market, what more could this duo have to accomplish? Some might say not much, but not Ooms and van Lieshout. They are brimming with ideas for future products and projects.

“We’ve been asked to do a workshop in Mexico in June. It’s something we wanted to do for a long time, so I think it will be a blast. We love to teach to students and we love to travel. Here it all will be combined!” says Ooms.