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We’ve Moved!!

Hello Lovelies,

I am sure you have been wondering what has happened to OfTheNow, it may have seemed that we have abandoned you, but I assure nothing could be further from the truth! OfTheNow is better than ever before with a new look and new address, yes that’s right we have moved! Please update your readers, RSS feeds and blog rolls to

We are much prettier now too…here’s a little peak at the new home page:


Beautiful Finds to Love In NYC

Hello again everyone, so sorry for my absence, the last five days in New York have been a whirlwind, but the most wonderful of whirlwinds indeed!

I fell deeply in love twice, the first was and still is, with a pair of Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte shoes…I have never or tried on shoes that made my heart stop like that before. Everything about them made me giddy with joy. These shoes are sexy, severe and perfect in every way. The sky-high stiletto was adorned in tarnished brass-coloured nuts. The industrial looking tarnished metal also covered the platform, heal, and toe of these stunners

But let’s not forget the leatherwork of the Kirkwood/Rodarte gems. The black leather was buttery soft and the spiderweb style laser cutout aesthetic really does make this shoe a standout statement piece. But you know what they say, beauty costs and these beauties were a just a bit more than budget would allow at over $1,800

Me trying them on in Barney's, yes that is my Chuck Taylor beside!

My second love wasn’t a new love, but a rekindled love I had tried to forget. It seems I failed miserably, because when I saw the silver sequin Philip Lim crop top I couldn’t tear myself away from it. The boxy cut of the shirt and navy ties in the back make it a piece to lust after, and believe me, I was and still am.

The sequin of the shirt wasn’t the cheap plastic kind, it was a light metal with a bit of a tarnish and simply beautiful, but unfortunately the close to $700 price tag meant the love I had was to be from a distance.

But sometimes we have to make due with what we can find and afford. So yesterday when we were taking in our last day of NYC I stumbled upon a great vintage spot and picked up this little number:

It might not be Philip Lim, but it was only $40 and I think it’s just a little bit fantastic.

New York, I Love You….

OfTheNow is in NYC today until Monday…get ready for lots of New York treats!

But for now I will leave you with this little ditty: