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Saving Grace Indeed

Grace Coddington Image via wwd.com

Grace Coddington is penning her memoirs. Grace who? You might ask, well you might ask if you don’t scour the mastheads of fashion magazines or you haven’t seen the documentary The September Issue.

Most self-respecting fashion fans have seen the flick, but if  by chance you haven’t seen it, or don’t know what it is, it is a documentary detailing what goes on during the production cycle of Vogue‘s September Issue.

Vogue September 2007 Cover

And Grace Coddington, Vogue’s creative director, stole the show from infamous editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, with her charm and creative eye. Viewers of the film were left with a warm and fuzzy feeling towards Coddington, many even commenting that Coddington is the true vision behind American Vogue. But that is a discussion for another time…

Grace Coddington & Anna Wintour image via THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE

Coddington will be collaborating on her auto-biography with former men’s Vogue editor-in-chief Jay Fielden.

“We’re just starting, and I think it’s going to be a really fun project,” she told WWD, adding: “I’m hoping it’s going to be very rich in fashion history. It’s more than just about me.”

If you wondered how a skinny fashion obsessed teenager from Wales, who would wait patiently for her Vogue magazine to arrive (often three months out-of-date because she lived miles away from any designer boutiques and had to order it in) transitioned from fashion model, to stylist, to creative director of the arguably the world’s mist influential fashion magazine, this is the book for you.

Grace Coddington in her modeling days

Coddington also discusses modeling in the sixties, the car accident that her in need of plastic surgery to reconstruct one of her eyelids and effectively ended her modeling career. But as we all know Coddington’s career in fashion far from ended, in fact she ascended to levels most of us only dream of.

This is a book we will wait patiently for, as patiently as Coddington herself waiting for her Vogues all those years ago.  The release date is set for fall 2010, which is just around the corner.